Conferences & publications


Psychotherapy and the Natural World (Paper presentation), 2018 (Confer, Ireland)

International Psychoanalytical Association Congress, 2017 (IPA, Madrid)

European Adventure Therapy Conference, 2017 (GATE, Valencia)

British Association of Art Therapists Conference (Paper Presentation), 2016 (Goldsmiths University, London)

Spanish Association of Art Therapists Research Conference, 2016 (ATe, Barcelona)

Art Education and Social Development Conference, 2015 (Huelva University, Spain)

VIII Congress Criminal Justice System Arts Monitors Catalunya, 2014, (Barcelona)


To come: Horrox, K. (2019). Wilderness Therapy: Venturing beyond the consulting room. Therapy Today: British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Horrox, K. (2018). Long Journeys & Wild places: The Practice of Outdoor Therapy from a European Perspective, Conference Paper, Confer.

Takkal, A., Horrox, K., & Rubio-Garrido, A. (2017). The issue of space in a prison art therapy group: A reflection through Martin Heidegger’s conceptual frame. International Journal of Art Therapy, 23(3), 136-142.

Horrox, K. (2015). Realising the Unrealised: Art Therapy in Prisons. An analysis of some of the issues encountered. Universidad De Pompeu Fabra.