Clients are offered individual consultations or group sessions. Sessions take place either in the setting of my private practice or in institutions, such as schools and hospitals.

Client-informed Treatment

The sessions are adapted to the individual needs of the client or clients: The duration of the therapy and the regularity of the session will be specific to each person. Furthermore, the materials and approach will be considered in relation to the client.

Treatment Methods

Where relevant, “Mentalization Based Treatment” is offered – an evidence-based approach widely used within the National Health Service in the UK.

Work with children

When working with children, National Child Protection policies will be followed. Regular pre-accorded meetings will take place with parents to share and discuss the work done with their child, whilst respecting the child´s right to confidentiality. As part of this, art work will tend to remain confidential until the end of the treatment.

Code of Ethics

Therapy is conducted on the basis of a Professional Code of Ethics and the therapeutic process remains entirely confidential. (To know more about the code of ethics, please follow this link: Code of Ethics)

Materials and art work

Clients work with fine art materials, to create paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, conceptual and written work etc., which are drawn upon in the course of the therapy. The materials used may vary depending on the client, and what feels appropriate or helpful for them.


Therapeutic sessions can be conducted in English, Spanish or Swedish, according to the client’s wishes.


Rates are agreed on a case by case basis, depending on the length and nature of the therapy and the client’s circumstances.  Individual sessions may cost between 50€ and 60€ per session.


References are available upon request.